Monday, April 25, 2011

Playin with the iMS-20 on the iPad

I've had the Korg iMS-20 for months now and finally got around to playing something with it. This app is an extremely accurate rendition of the MS-20 monophonic synth along with the Kaoss pad, Korg Sequencer and a drum machine - which would be a room full of several thousand dollars worth of analog gear!

All this for about $15 - not too bad. All of the patch cables work as expected and the knob twiddling works exactly as on the real machine. There are some good videos on youtube for the machine that work without changes on the iPad version.

Just another example of how inexpensive the iPad versions of software synths have become. For the PC or Mac, the legacy version as a VST or AU plugin would be many times the cost and really isn't as effective without the touchscreen.


  1. weve got a lot of the same stuff here - some amazing gear on the ipad now. got the mpk mini lat week. got it working with ims-20 (keyboard anyway) but cant work out how to programme the pads. loving rebirth too. got that on ipad and iphone, iphone is v fiddly but still fun for on the train. some nice sounds youve got there chief. nice one

  2. Hi Biff,
    Nice blog you have as well! I think for the mpk mini, you can use the PC or Apple software to program the pads to any CC event. So, if you look in the korg ims-20 docs, I think it tells you what the program numbers are. You can then use those numbers in the akai software, press download to write it to the flash on the keyboard and it should remember the codes when you hook it up to the iPad.

  3. nice one! (avoiding the docs is the new ignoring the manual, but i knew this day would come!)