Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Midi Gear

My Edirol PCR-30 is a nice keyboard with full features BUT due to its size, spends more time in the closet than conveniently attached to my DAW. Since I tend to noodle out parts on the keyboard and then edit them in Logic 9 or Garageband, this Akai MPK mini is a much nicer option. I got this about 3 months ago and it spends most of its time conveniently tucked above my iMac keyboard.

The MPK mini offers a very complete 25 key, velocity sensitive keyboard, 8 drum pads, arpeggiator and 8 configurable knobs that I can use when twiddling Low-pass filter cutoffs, Resonance or whatever you want to program the knobs to. The only missing features are the tone wheel and bend control.

I also can use this keyboard with the iPad camera connection kit to feed CoreMidi directly to my iPad when working mobile. 

Highly recommended! 


  1. Hey Michael,
    Great blog! Found your blog at Nanostudio, have spent the morning reading your posts and listening to your music. Really fun!

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! If you want notifications of updates, consider subscribing. I think most folks just stumble across me via google or postings on other forums.