Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to tracks!

Analog Drip by oldlibmike

I have been looking at many new song tools and lately have put several pieces together with the Korg iMS-20 (still such a favorite!). I keep asking myself, however, why I don't do more with NanoStudio and I think the reasons are more aesthetic than logical. It is extremely powerful but the interface does involve a lot of navigation.

Nonetheless, I did dust it off and put together a sort of retro-cheesy synth piece above. I used the TRG pads for the drum beats (909 samples) which I put through a band-pass filter to play with the timbre. The lead is the Eden synth tweaked to sound a bit Moogish and the other melodies are my lousy voice sampled into NanoStudio, heavily effected (you're welcome!) and played on the keyboard.

This is still the most powerful DAW I have on my iPad and I hope to do a lot more with it - anxiously awaiting the native iPad release of the app!

Other toys I picked up and hope to use more soon are the cool TNR-i (Yamaha Tenori-On) which is a full blown implementation of the hardware version and I finally sprang for Aurora Sound Studio HD - very similar to the TNR-i which lets you make music with pattern-based sequencing - it finally had a price drop. Hopefully I will post something from Aurora soon. The TNR-i doesn't give you many options to save files out of it aside from raw MIDI.