Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shameless Magazine plug -

One thing I've gradually taken to is reading magazines on my iPad (when not composing). The convenience of having every issue at my fingertips has surpassed the occasionally awkward task of zooming pages etc. Furthermore, many magazines on the iPad Newsstand have built in video links, audio links etc. that are great for quick access.

Recently, Clif Johnston has put out a new magazine named apptronica that is dedicated to music-making on the iPad - the first, and best magazine of its kind that I've come across! Full disclosure, I'm a contributor to the magazine and I will be writing a small series of articles on creating music with Noatikl - similar (but simpler) than the tutorial available here.

In the upcoming series I will be focusing on using Noatikl to help compose a solo piano piece using Noatikl and IKMultimedia's iGrand Piano app. The magazine is FREE on the Apple Newsstand and I encourage you to check it out when you can.

The website ( also provides a free PDF version for downloading if you are reading on non-iOS devices.

I hope you follow my articles there and check in here for any more detailed discussion or posts.

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