Thursday, July 11, 2013

Noatikl for the iPad

I got some nice feedback on my post about Noatikl for the iPad so I think I will deconstruct/and reconstruct a piece I put together today using Noatikl on the iPad along with SampleTank, one sound sample and recorded into MultiTrack DAW via Audiobus.

This is the intro posting with the completed piece. The process was to program 4 tracks into Noatikl and have Sampletank play them into the recorded piece. I think I'll go through the process step by step. Up until know, I've avoided this since folks like discchord and others do such a great job. Noatikl is niche enough that it isn't getting that much coverage and I very much prefer written tutorials to Youtube ones (probably just a sign of age).

So as an intro, here is the piece I put together on the ipad. All parts are from Noatikl with the exception of the "babbling brook" noises which are a free sample from

It is an ambient piece with about 8 voices in Noatikl corresponding to 4 MIDI channels. I will begin in the next post with how I set up the drums in Noatikl for iPad.

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