Sunday, March 3, 2013

More choices, less focus!

Well after a long time gawking, I picked up a copy of Komplete 8 for my iMac and now have an even larger plethora of choices for my music making. I did this with some trepidation since this is actually stressing out my disk storage - the collection is around 110 GB!

But I know have several additional synthesizers including Massive (Skrillex - look out!), FM8, Reaktor and most importantly, the sampler - Kontakt.

I've lately been combining some of the synth sounds with my Samplemodeling and Wivi EWI instruments and have a few songs to show for it:

These songs both feature a few Kontakt samples along with FM8 (the DX-7 clone) and a few other assorted sounds. I'll probably be using the new sounds extensively in future compositons. Komplete is a  large bundling of all of the Native Instrument synths and sample libraries.

Its always good advice to focus on the tools you have and to master them, but I've never been one for good advices! Rock on....

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