Monday, September 24, 2012

Careful how you bite

So I recently put together a nice simple rhythmic piece on Garageband for the iPad:

It was nice to go back to the iPad and keep it pretty simple. One contributing factor was a compounded mishap with my Akai EWI and Logic's Environment. I had some MIDI filtering in place that filtered out note bends, which interestingly enough, the EWI sends when you bite lightly (lightly being the operative word there).

With the light biting not working, of course I bit harder and then near the top of the mouthpiece. I then realized the filter was on and removed it. The next time I played the EWI I was getting very weird sounds and it felt weird. I actually put a tear in the rubber mouthpiece which caused it to "leak". Worse still, this put a leak into some 'not ready for water' parts on top of the EWI.

This caused me to order a new mouthpiece and take a week off the wind instrument. So, back to the iPad and some electronica. Now that the new mouthpiece is back and working, I'll get back to EWIing. So be careful with your environments and try not to bite holes in your instruments.

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