Sunday, November 27, 2011

New DAW (for me)

With the universal version of NanoStudio coming up, I took another look around at what other DAWs were doing and finally took the plunge on Xewton's Music Studio 2. I had looked hard at this before purchasing NanoStudio a year ago and at that time, it was lacking many needed features (audio copy/paste, audio file support etc).

I'm happy to see that almost everything has been added and this is a very nice DAW to compose in. For my first humble effort, I used only instruments native to the app but it is an easy thing to record parts in other synths and then paste them in as full audio files - which I will be taking advantage of soon!

The price is a bit higher than some - $15 for the app and $15 for additional instruments but I think I will get tons of use out of this. It surpasses NanoStudio in its support for Audio files but is behind in its lack of built-in synths and somewhat limited effects processing options and mixing. It will be more complementary to my other apps rather than replacing them.

Here is a quick example - a short melodic piece using all native instruments. 

Some Days are Like that by oldlibmike

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