Sunday, August 7, 2011

RIP Synthstation 25

Well.....6 volts/1 amp does not enjoy being give 12 volts/3 amps! I put the wrong power supply on the Synthstation 25 and sadly it is no more!

Now to decide whether or not to replace it. I got it to use with my iPod touch and it worked very well with NanoStudio and other synths, but I still found the screen size too small and had to use it too much. Often I would find myself moving the project to the iPad for processing and I seem to prefer the keyboard on the iPad to the "real" keys on the Synthstation.

I have a MPK mini that usually remains on my iMac and I can attach that to the iPad with the camera connection kit but I rarely do that.

So, we'll see if I feel the need for the iPod music making any time soon. For now, its predominantly back to the iPad and iMac.


  1. A lot depends, I think, on what app developers do. Will they continue to support multiple MIDI standards (Core, Line Six, Synthstation)? Or will everybody standardize on one (Core MIDI)? The latter seems more likely.

  2. If you don't mind a larger device, Akai is coming out with their Synthstation49 especially for the iPad:

  3. It does look interesting - but the size does matter :) I think what I like best about the iPad is its portability. If I am putting it into a full-size keyboard, I may as well sit at the desk with my Edirol-30 and logic.