Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mixtikl 4 - Still a favorite

I have to admit that for all of the many iPad synth apps that I continually purchase, one of the apps that I use the most is Mixtikl. In terms of interfaces, Mixtikl is um...well, unique? Complex? Esoteric? The appeal for me is that on the desktop (iMac) or iPad or iPod, the interface as quirky as it is, is exactly the same. Mixtikl, as I have blogged before, is a very interesting application that produces "generative" music or music that evolves algorithmically into new interesting patterns. I think the "hook" for me was that Brian Eno used an earlier version (Koan) to produce an entire album. This particular tool seems perfect for my own inclinations. I love computers, always loved synths and with Mixtikl, rather then performing keyboard parts and editing ad-nauseum, I get to program the music! The new release unleashes most of the generative engine and lets me add and manipulate rules and patterns to produce sounds. I think it is more music-engineering than performing which is extremely appealing to me!There are some phenomenal tutorials available HERE that show exactly how to create precise sounds with the underlying Partikl synthesizer. Every release of Mixtikl (free by the way) have added considerable functionality and power in creating unique sounds. 

So while I underutilize NanoStudio, Sunrizer, Nlog Synth etc, I continue to return to Mixtikl when I want to put interesting soundscapes together. Perhaps this has a little to do with my keyboard skills or lack thereof but this tool continues to evolve and amaze me. If you haven't checked it out yet or are turned off by the interface....get over it and try it for awhile! 

Attached is a mixed piece with some iElectribe beats, Mixtikl loops and generative rules rolled into one 80ish melange. So, mousse up that comb-over, die it bright red and enjoy.

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